character designs for a comic collab with Andrewww

i couldn't draw it properly, but the girl will be wearing chunky, heelless heels, a cross between this and this. haha i want her to be the type that wears something ridiculously uncomfortable/inconvenient, but yet she can still move with ease and kick ass (while stumbling).

some background characters

i'm actually really fond of these guys. :c
the guy on the left has deer legs, the girl in the middle has a part of her head shaved, is smoking what's supposed to be a cigar, is clearly a Wolverine fan, and is wearing socks with heels ( all of which i hear are quite IN this year :Y ), and the guy/girl on the right is wearing my dream jacket,

KAMEN RIDER THE NEXT jacket. ; u ; ( image via The UberReview )

( via flickfilosopher.com )
mm other than that, i've been watching/rewatching a lot of Doctor Who this week. I CAN'T STOP. Rose and BAD WOLF almost made me bawl my eyes out. also, i'm so excited for the Weeping Angels. SO EXCITED.
starting driving lessons again tomorrow, and hopefully i'll have my G before the end of summer.
hurrdurrrrr not much happening this week.
someone go get free comics for me this saturday while i am at werk foreverrrrrrrr. :c

( via mrgolightly.tumblr.com )



poster assignment for der film The City of Lost Children
lines were done with watercolour inks, scanned, cleaned up a bit, then the huge colour blob in the center (huge mistake D8) and the pixelated ones surrounding it were photoshopped in, and then the image was printed onto watercolour paper, where i watercoloured everything else.
the Kinkos nearest to my house is a disaster. it's the only one that's not open 24/7 and the only one that won't print on watercolour paper. :III


yeaaaaaso the white line that runs through the image is the result of me thinking i was so clever at 6am by cutting my art in half so i could fit it into a scanner. YEA NEVER DOING THAT AGAIN. though i'm pretty sure this is the second time this year i've cut something in half thinking i could scan both parts and put it back together on photoshop. :/

yyyyyyyyeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaa it's time to watch Torchwood.

got really excited after last saturday's premiere and dug out my tweed jacket. alls i need now is a red bow tie, pink collared shirt, and no eyebrows. then i can dress like the eleventh. c:

my werk space, in what used to be the guest room (currently a storage room :'U)

mmm really looking forward to May.
free comic book day, possible hurrcut, kariya, IRON MAN TWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCHEADLEDOWNEYROCKWELL, Simon & Garfunkel, TCAF (PAUL POPE!!!), and ANIMU NARRTHHHHH. that's at least one excite per week soooooooo that's nice.

andddddd speaking of lists here's another of THINGS I PLAN TO FINISH/READ/WATCH/WATEVER in the next four months:
COIN LOCKER BABIES DAMMIT i'm five months late, House of Leaves, AKIRAAAAA, Trava Fist Planet/Dead Leaves, Twin Peaks, Arrested Development, and uhhhh etc.



(click for fullview!)

second (first row), sixth and seventh (second row), sixth (third row) belong to Sraa
ninth (first row), eighth (second row), seventh (third row) belong to Poo
eighth (third row) belongs to Jules

last project of third year!!!

i wish i had more time to colour it the way i wanted, but for the project, i only coloured a couple characters in the middle shades of red so that when you look from far away, you can see the shape of a heart? i'll colour each individual character sometime soon, and do a new pattern too since the figures don't really match up too well for a repeating pattern. :c

errbody there has a name and a story and i love them all veryvery much. :'>



april 4

too big to scan, so here are some photos. :U

one more to go!


april 2 - april 3

finally bought these at werk yesterday. :'> I AM EXCITE.

friday's movie club with meself SUCCESSFUL MEETING NUMBER 3;;
Persepolis (2007)

Waltz with Bashir (2008), Tomer Hanuka

The Secret of Kells (2009)

8bit version of the entire The Dark Side of the Moon album (which you can download here!) for NES
(found via pork2k.tumblr.com and vruz.tumblr.com)

my favourite things since 8bit Bohemian Rhapsody and The Muppets' Bohemian Rhapsody. c:

mmm and now back to werking on paintings.


Mystery Train (1989) Dir Jim Jarmusch

Far From Yokohama
❛❛You know, Memphis does look like Yokohama. Just more space. If you took away sixty percent of the buildings in Yokohama, it would look like this.

A Ghost
❛❛At the time of his death, if he were on Jupiter, Elvis would've weighed six-hundred and forty-eight pounds.

Lost in Space
❛❛Don't call me Elvis; f you can't use my proper name, why don't you try "Carl Perkins Jr" or something?

i would reallyreallyreally love to have a room that looks like it either belongs in a Wong Kar-Wai film or a hotel (like this one).
ITWILLHAPPEN. some day. :>