The colour of my skin is not an invitation to speak to me like this

a comic i drew for The Untitled Mag (which you can view here!) and also for myself and everyone else who's ever had to experience this kind of bullshit.

nobody deserves to be talked to like this. it's unacceptable, humiliating, and just really fuckin gross.

is there a polite way to respond to this kind of talk? because if there is, i've yet to find one, and i'm sick of just smiling, nodding, and remaining quiet as if it's fine (IT'S NOT!).


maybe 2morrow

a comic about not wanting to go out, and trying to convince yourself that it was the right choice.
we all need alone time to recharge and to shed ourselves of any gross feelings, y'know?
i always feel guilty for saying no to hanging out or sometimes even bailing, but some days i’m really not fit for human interaction. i think we all have those days, and i really believe IT’S OKAY to shut yourself off for a bit if it’ll make you feel better about Stuff.
self care is important.


☼✌✦ we don't wag our tails for ANYB☺DY ✦✌☾〮〮

so last week's challenge for POTENTIALCOMIX was to redraw a page from an existing comic, but to alter the events of one panel.
i pretty much decided on Taiyo Matsumoto's TEKKONKINKREET right away, as it's been my biggest source of inspiration since forever?? it embodies pretty much everything i've ever wanted to achieve with my own work, and it holds a really important place in my heart (well, it pretty much has a hold on all of my heart..) IT SHOULD BE REQUIRED READING.
anything of Taiyo Matsumoto's still continues to leave me in utter awe and admiration. everything he does just WORKS.
he's forever my comicshero.

i decided to start redrawing some of my favourite pages from tekkonkinkreet.
redrawing just one of his pages has already taught me A LOT and i'm hoping i can learn more about comics and drawing and just STUFF by studying his work.
doing these redraws i reallytruly feel just how far ahead and completely unreachable he is, which is REALLYSCARYTOME, but at the same time, it feels a little less impossible.
comics are intimidating, trying to do justice to the work of your alltimefavouritehero is intimidating, but it's a learning process!! i hope.

✦✦✦ 9646CATS.TUMBLR.COM ✦✦✦

if you're interested in redrawing pages from tekkonkinkreet, JOIN ME. :>
let's learn 2gether!!!

everything reads
( clicking the pages will bring you to the tumblr page, where you can see them a little larger! )

volume 1 page 18
altered panel challenge for Potential Comix
(you can see the original HERE)

volume 1 page 70
(you can see the original HERE)

be happy be happy!


a comic about a door

introducing Shack and Croze to the outside world bit by bit.
i'm slowly learning how to make comics!
(i haven't drawn this much since summer began)


♥ memories of my first tru OC ♥

comic for last week's Potential Comix theme, BUDDIES!

i've been obsessed with making OCs (original characters) for the longest time.
i'm sure i had a billion OCs before Strife Leoneharte came along, but he's the first one I really dedicated a lot of time and luv towards.

i had (and still have!!) a huge binder with an orange spine that's crammed with RPs (i rp'd with myself okay), character data entries, drawings, etc.  Strife hails from a series i called Final Destiny (because Final Fantasy was already claimed, y'know?) and it was kind of a cross between X/1999, Card Captors, and Digimon.
around the time i created him, i bought posters of Cloud and Squall, SEPARATELY, might i add.  i bought the Cloud one first, and ended up going back the next week to get Squall too because THEY ARE BOTH TOO HANDSOME.  i decided to name my character Strife Leonharte (notice the clever 'e' at the end of Leonhart to make him more unique) as a tribute (or subtle rip off?) to these two beautiful boys.  to be honest, i just couldn't decide who i liked more.

to this day i still haven't played FF XII or FF XIII.

i actually made a sequel to Final Destiny too, called Final Destiny X because i clearly did not understand how roman numerals worked.  Strife's progeny grew to become the spitting image of his father.  He was called Jet Lee Leonharte.

Jet Lee, dated August 1, 2002 (Thursday) 2:??-3:18 am

i stayed up pretty late for a twelveyearold..

i hope all the OCs i've abandoned ( it's me, not you :c ) are partying somewhere together keepin childhood alive.