Yes / No

"Just ask for guidance," said Adam One. "Do an overnight Vigil. Pray for the strength to face your doubts and fears. I feel confident that a positive answer will be provided to you. You have gifts that should not be wasted. We would all welcome you as an Eve among us, I can assure you."
"All right," said Toby. "I can do that." For every Yes, she thought, there is also a No.

-The Year of the Flood, Margaret Atwood (pg 169)



i've been reading an almost unhealthy amount of manga over the past year ever since i discovered manga apps for the iPhone. i have four apps just for manga, since different ones have different series available... u_______u
i have a myanimelist account just for organizing the ones i'm currently reading/finished/plan to read. sigh THERE'S SO MUCH IT'S OVERWHELMING.
but i manage. somehow.

i just did a hefty text post about my favourites of the moment, which you can find HERE if you're interested.
the first list i made over half a year ago is HERE.

my absolute favourites out of those favourites would probably be:
anything&everything by Taiyo Matsumoto, Inio Asano, and Igarashi Daisuke. also any of the JoJo series. any one you pick will be a winner.

others i've read and reread over and over again and will probably reread soon are:

sigh so many good series out there but not enough time/$$$

♥ >:(
been pretty happy with my drawings lately CAN YOU TELL BY HOW MUCH MORE I'VE BEEN POSTING LATELY. more drawing less thinking no planning. having a lot more fun this way, and i can feel the improvement too (whether or not it actually exists is another matter, but the feeling itself is important!!) WHICH IS ALWAYS A BONUS.

working on some stuff that i'm really excited about it and i hope you will be too!
i'm awful at keeping my artstuff a secret so i'll probably reveal what it is within the next week or so. :>


✄-----a comic about haircuts--------

took notes and used them as a script for this comic. i'm pleased with how it flows :>

factual things, not so factual things, and definitely a lot of emotional things.
last week was a tough one.


\\\\\ a comic about crushes \\\\\ )

awmaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan it's hard being constantly surrounded by qts everywhere!! >:T


a comic about hands ✍

i drew a lot of nice stubby hands the other day, but for some reason i couldn’t get them to look right last night.
it’s neat how one day you could be fantastic at one thing, and the next day you can’t quite get the same result. CONSTANT EBB AND FLOW Y’KNOW?
but IT’S OKAY because nobody can excel at doing something the same way all the time, and with the same amount of success. it’s hard to accept (and frustrating!!) but when you give in and just play along, things won’t seem so bad. gotta work with whatcha got!!



boyhair&hoodies&also it would be nice 2have ears that stuck out a little more

i threw out all my drawings, paintings, and projects from first/second year, as well as ALLLLLLL the lifedrawing stuff from OCAD i thought would be a good idea to save (???) in one go.
going through all of it i realized that i'm STILL really awful at acrylic painting, and drawing w/ charcoal/conté. i really don't think i'm ever gonna be decent at it. :/
5yrs of drawing&painting courses and i'm still sucky at it, maybe i should just stick to my strengths. idk i'd like to be at least comfortable with handling those mediums, but is it even worth pursuing anymore hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm