some prints i've made in the past two weeks of class!

a four layer screenprint for the first project. definitely didn't expect it to be as hard as it was. haha you really have to plan every last detail ahead of time, which is something i am not used to AT ALL. :'9 if there was more time i would have played around more with the colours and layers, but overall i'm pretty okay with it.

and drypoint!! my new found love. ; u ; really happy with how these turned out. i just hope the piece i'm doing for my second project ( Aron Wiesenfeld-inspired ) turns out even better.

i'm hoping to find a printmaking studio somewhere in toronto for relatively cheap. the printmaking studios in the school are closed for the summer since there won't be any more classes, and it also kind of sucks that students who aren't taking any printmaking courses aren't allowed in the studios during the regular school year. i understand why, but it would be nice if i could use these techniques for illustration projects! thinking about the possibility of taking a minor in printmaking, since i'm planning to do thesis in 5th year instead of 4th now. :v


❁ flwrrr pa pa pwrrr ❁

sketches for my first printmaking project on sustainability!

haven't been updating or drawing much lately. the past few weeks have been really busy! roadtrip to NYC for 4 days was UHHHMAZING. we ate a lot of reallydelicious things, and saw Christopher Walken and Sam Rockwell in A Behanding in Spokane~
i never knew there was an American Folk Art Museum though!! really wish it wasn't closed when we went because they have two Henry Darger exhibitions right now!

( image via American Folk Art Museum )

( image via Time Out New York )

and then a day after i got back from NYC i became


Stephoo made the hat and jacket for me. NOTEVENKIDDING i will be wearing that hat FOREVERYWHERE.
hoping i can get my bangs cut a lot shorter in August so i can look more like Shiro for FanExpo. HURRDURRRRRRR

i also found Taiyo Matsumoto's 100 and 101 art book just a couple minutes before we left! i thought they were out of print already too. probably my favourite/best find at a convention in all.. 8? years of going. :'>

maybe i'm getting it entirely wrong, but i really love seeing a sort of French illustration influence on his work. especially Moebius'! ahhh really excited that my Taiyo Matsumoto collection is growing haha~ i can only hope that some day it'll look similar (or even more massive) than this.

butyes! hopefully the drawfu will come back to me this weekend so i can ACTUALLY UPDATE THIS BLAWRGH with real art.