✦ space ✧ youth ✧ brigade ✦

✦ space ✧ youth ✧ brigade ✦
standard uniform
☄ earring DNA ID tag/GPS
☄ thermal bodysuit w/ nervous system, monitor, and communicators
☄ bandana (signifies division and rank)
☄ standard SYB shirt
☄ thumb&indexfinger VDT (when thumb&index finger connect, it acts similar to a Scouter from DBZ)
☄ protective socks
☄ shoulder pads (holds 6 self-lighting cigarettes)
☄ handyman gloves
☄ utility belt (contains knife pleated parachute skirt-cloth), tools not provided by SYB
☄ pillowboots (inflatable sole)
☄ twin daggers (retractable/extendable), additional weapons optional: not provided by SYB
☄ combat halo activates upon completion of uniform (shape and size differs depending on user’s ability)

i've been wanting to design a ✧✧✧ mahou shounenspace combat ✧✧✧ story for a while now, but aside from jotting down and doodling the occasional notes from ideas that suddenly pop into my head, i haven't been able to come up with anything concrete.

i'm the worst when it comes to forming a proper plot.  the most i can manage is coming up with a set of characters i will never use/never draw again.

BUT!!!  i'm trying to change this for real this time!  i really want to do something with this MSSC idea.

this is Crozier/Croze/Crow/Gross. the left half of my twinduo that i always draw but never post/talk about.  i've been drawing and thinkin bout them for nearly two years.  two years!!  it's about time i do something more with them.  they deserve more than unfinished sketches that never see the light of day.

i actually drew this image close to a year ago, but never put it up here because i thought i'd save it until i finished drawing Shackleton/Shack/Shark/Tacky to go with it.
aaaaaand a year later and i still haven't started that piece. :I  i'll get to it some day.  even though i probably can't draw like that anymore.

i think it was around this time last year that i started to be interested in the idea of space combat w/out heavymachinery and Gundams and ships and Daleks.  just plain ol' hand2hand, dagger2dagger duels in the great nothingness.  i also finished Ender's Game around this time last year.  so that was a huge influence?

and earlier on in the year i kind of stuck with this theme of youth and objects/daggers as companions.
i really liked (and still like!! this is a rare thing!) the stuff i made for my semesterlong theme, and this is one of my favourite images ever.  i worked on the bottom image for a long time, redrawing everything (like the hands/knives/face/etc) at least a good 5-10 times.  it took a lot of tracing paper and lead.
i bought a lot of lead during the winter semester............

i was going to turn it into a litho etching (is that what it's called? when you scrape into the ink to make a print?) but i really screwed up just before printing, and was unable to pull any prints at all on an image i worked 2.5 months on haha.  IT WAS A LEARNING PROCESS.

pin case collection
(fits one cigarette)

i've always loved the badges in Pokemon and the idea of collecting them in a case (i still want my own set!!), so i decided it would be a good idea if my spacecombat babes had their own badge case too, but for daggers.  everyone wants dagger pins, right?  gonna try to make this a real thing either with sculpey or the power of a laser cutter.

each dagger pin you collect grants you the ability to upgrade and customize certain parts of your uniform&tools.
this particular pin case also lets you carry your official brigade badge, two bandages for quick first aid, happypill/diamondpill/toothvitamin/phasesofthemoon pain killers, antidotes, and suppressants, an emergency cigarette, and a bow clip for your hair.


idk this whole project is a massive work in progress, but i'm really excited about it and it's nice to have a default thing to draw/think about when i'm going through art blocks (which is more often than not, now that i'm done school).

ohyea there's another piece of shocking news.
(shocking to me, i mean)

i'm done school WHAT NOW