✧✦✧(( openings&endings ))✧✦✧

watching a lot of animu and animushins lately and they have good soundtracks!!!
i like these songs a lot so i made an 8tracksmix and drew this drawing of my face for it and what a nice coincidence; openings&endings sounds kind of perfect for the new year. maybe endings&openings would have been better for the whole newyearstheme, but i was referencing more OPs and EDs of all the animays i've been watching because that is what these songs are. for the most part.
if you guys have favourite anime, animations, cartoons, shorts, please share them with me!

here are some other drawings i made pixelly in the year twentyeleven:


tuffyouths were babies once too

a reminder that i should probably update that too

talks with Sab ( myarttwin fyi ) lead me to realize that these are the things i need to remember/the things that are important/things i need to work on:
COURAGE, STRENGTH, PERSEVERANCE, AND LOVE. gotta learn how to trust yerself&yerwork, y'know?

also graphicdesign&typography are important too and i should probably learn them soon.

merry 2012 everyone and thanks for sticking by me even when i am awful at updating this thing!!

⚡ ☺ ⚡