4sec walk cycle
with the help of AECS4 and Animated Illus class I CAN FINALLY GIVE LIFE TO MY DARLING OCs. :'>
this is bbFranz wearing a skullmask pre-colourscientist days.

the drawing i used! head+helmet+airtube+backpack+scarf+torso+both arms/forearms/hands+belt+baseball bat+both legs/thighs/toes were drawn separately on tracing paper and put together on photoshop.

finally caved and bought markers this week! this was my first attempt, really messy and not very nice >:I SO MUCH BLEEDING.

supersuper inspired by the incredible work of ✦✦✦milkbbi / Justin Wallis✦✦✦!!

trying to figure out how i want my final animation to look. 3: will probably stick with Franz.

and sometimes he takes off his mask.



classes start tomorrow!
last few weeks of summer were uneventful.

recently i've really wanted to try using markers/copics again, thanks to JUSTIN WALLISSSS/MILKBBI~ these are all the colours i have so far, but hopefully i'll be able to find more tomorrow :c really need a light blue D8

also, eyeball and tentacle fakeplugs came in last week!

nothing else to report. summer '10 RIP.