Water 7 is my favourite arc/storyline/places from One Piece. can't decide if i would want to be part of the Galley-La carpenters or the Franky Family THEY ARE BOTH SO SUPER.

self portrait as a Galley-La apprentice (working under Paulieee~)

self portrait as a member of the Franky Family

and a really awful drawing of me as Luffy. you can call me Monkey D. Kelly.

i'm gunna be the hairhands king BE MY NAKAMA.


✦✦✦ black ◉ hole ✦✦✦

✦✦✦ black ◉ hole ✦✦✦
a voracious reader who devours and absorbs everything it sees



✦✦✦ colliding ✧ spiral ✧ galaxies ✦✦✦
two hot tempered, short fused rivals who happened to wear the same outfit to school and decided to fight for their right to be the sole wearer of said outfit

initially i wanted to draw a pre-fight scene where they'd just bumped into each other (while wearing the same shirt). the concept/imagery didn't seem strong enough though.


i really loved the subtle shoulder bump / deathglare imagery so i went back to it briefly.

i also really liked the fight scene, but it seemed too static and didn't tie back to the idea of colliding galaxies (and i also didn't know what to do with the background), so i decided to make it more of a circular shape to make it seem like they're even more tangled. they also look more like actual colliding spiral galaxies this way.

i blew up my tiny sketches, printed it out, and did a more finalized linear on tracing paper so i could transfer it onto watercolour paper.

sketch on watercolour paper :D
i like that with tracing paper it's light enough so the pencil won't be visible once i paint over it, and i can still kind of keep the quality of my smaller sketches.

i spent a long time painting the skin. ; ____ ; it didn't used to take forever. i think i prefer it without the blue/brown shadows though! the past few years i've always painted skin with yellow, red, and blue, but now i might try only yellow and red. it looks more fresh? hmmmmmmm.

scraps to test out my colours and to get the line weight i want for outlining!



♻ reuse/recycle

i have a really bad habit of reusing art over and over again for a million different purposes. i've probably turned all of my finished work into prints, buttons, stickers, and patterns. can't stop won't stop.

this was originally a drawing i made for my first litho project! wanted to see how many of my favourite icons/symbols/objects i could mash together in one image.


i made a pattern out of it and printed it (digitally?) on white and fawn stonehenge paper!

a fancily edited (err instagram'd) photo of one of my litho prints. litho's a lot harder than i ever imagined it would be. u___u i really love how each print still holds the same quality of a pencil drawing though! i love that you can make a million reproductions of a single drawing but they'd all still be original. :>

used the pattern to make myself an 80page sketchbook!
i'm planning to make more of these to sell in the near future, so any tips on pricing would be more than amazing! i'm thinking $15-$20 CAD right now. what kind of paper do you guys like in your sketchbooks/what size? O:

a (really terribly/wrongly constructed) clamshell box

and finally a nice little cigarette case!

just a taste of the first few things completed for school year '11-'12!