☼ please destroy

( texture from here )
✦Christopher Kane doll shirt ✧ hooded leather vest ✦ studded acidwash shorts ✧ oldoldold PF lightning socks ✦ Doc Martens 1460 ✧ mom's PS satchel ✦ mango slush w/ tapioca ✧ hair that needs a-cuttin ✦ mosquito bites and bruises ✧

another try at colouring on d'computer. backgrounds are still a problem! what i dooooooooo.


✧ FINEST HOUR 7.20.2010

( photo thanks to Poo Pine )
myself as TRASHA, Poo as KIM PINE, Linz as RAMONA FLOWERS




both sets were done in drypoint and watercolour!
same character drawn in two different styles and placed in 3 different settings. (playing around with how the story of a character changes based on the environment that surrounds them)

preview of the paper doll version of the same character! i have this problem where i name any somewhat badass female character i come up with Frankie. and they all have the same innerthigh bruise/scar >:I FAFA YOU ARE RUINING EVERYTHING.
this was the first print i made with the aluminum plate. i made some lines deeper and used a sortof à la poupée method for the final 3 prints.
tinytinytiny. etching this at 3am was a pain. if i had more time i would have liked to cut it all out and make little paper sets as well.
i still have two huge aluminum sheets hanging out in my room sooooooooooooooo if i find a way to print at home, THINGS WILL BE WONDERFUL.

printmaking class is over, and japanese cinema starts next week! c: