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this past May, i collaborated with Sever Press on a couple of different things that are now all available online!! AND NOW I WILL TALK ABOUT THESE THINGS :>


wear my face/drawing on a shirt!!
the shirts come in a few different colours (also yellow, which isn't pictured here) and they're super comfy and totally gr8 for the sweltering summer heat (trust me i'd know heh) !!! not sweatproof though, sorry (i'd also know this, thanks Toronto weather).
really excited to see my work on something wearable!
i took one of the misprints (i say misprint but it's not by any means a mis-anything it just wasn't pulled the same way as the other shirts and still looks flippin awesome because Sever Press is great at what they dooo) and we cut off the sleeves, giving it +10TOUGHNESS +2ARMS -30SWEAT ✧

(photo courtesy of Sever Press)
they're screenprinted in ***GOLD*** (ink) and what's great about them is you can totally cut em up and then it's kind of a 3-in-1 deal
little baby icons for your jackets n vests ♥

(photo courtesy of Sever Press)
an artistbook and comic collaboration with Sab Meynert!
i'm really proud of this one, and i think some of our best work is in it.

a sneak peak,

and a draft

features a collaborative drawing between the two of us!
screenprinted in GOLLLLLLDDDDDDD ink on black shirts

(photo courtesy of Sever Press)
a close up to show off how great it looks
(and it looks really great)

(photo courtesy of Sever Press)
the first collaborative zine by SEVER PRESS that i was lucky enough to be a part of!
the other artists are:
Jeff Fenwick
Emily Howey
Sab Meynert
Eric Kostiuk Williams
each edition is screenprinted lovingly by hand with marbled covers and they not only look good but feel reallyreally nice as well.
my comic idk.gif is in it, as well as some other stuff. :>


you should check out Sever Press's online shop, they have a lot of zines, shirts, and prints up by a lot of great artists, illustrators, and printmakers that you should really be keeping your eye on!!

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  1. eeek! this is perfect! i'm totally going to buy one .u. i dunno when i'll have enough savings to do so, but i will <3