4sec walk cycle
with the help of AECS4 and Animated Illus class I CAN FINALLY GIVE LIFE TO MY DARLING OCs. :'>
this is bbFranz wearing a skullmask pre-colourscientist days.

the drawing i used! head+helmet+airtube+backpack+scarf+torso+both arms/forearms/hands+belt+baseball bat+both legs/thighs/toes were drawn separately on tracing paper and put together on photoshop.

finally caved and bought markers this week! this was my first attempt, really messy and not very nice >:I SO MUCH BLEEDING.

supersuper inspired by the incredible work of ✦✦✦milkbbi / Justin Wallis✦✦✦!!

trying to figure out how i want my final animation to look. 3: will probably stick with Franz.

and sometimes he takes off his mask.


  1. ooowhat kinda markers didja get n__n ilike iliiiike

  2. cool! You're taking the animated illustration course? How is it going sooo far??? I'm thinking about taking it next year! Next work!

  3. Awesome!! And it didn't turn out like QWOP! :D
    I like your other (pixel) animation, too :> "untitled"

  4. @weja TOMBOW markers!! they have really nice muted colours as well as some SUPERNICE vibrant ones (especially the blues!)

    @KARAAAAA you need to take this course! i think you'll like it a lot~ if you can, you should get After Effects CS4 or CS5 this year and tinker around with it! once you get the hang of it it's not too difficult to use. :3 i'd love to see some of your characters animated!!

    @delory haha i was so afraid it would do some weird QWOP movements!! XD
    and thank you so much! :'> i made that one using Animanatee for the DS a while ago. if you have an R4, you should try it out! it's really easy to make animations with it! :3 i didn't know you have an LJ! followin you right away \(*m*)>